smart garment

Project made in collaboration with

Violet Tamayo, Carson Stanch and Theo Ferlauto

Support from

NASA's Wearable Technology Division and the University of New Hampshire

Our team was challenged with the research and development of an electronic smart garment for the crew members at the ISS

The main focus was to design a garment that would fit both sexes and allow modularity

The final concept was a smart garment consisting of a vest, an arm sleeve and a thigh belt that could be combined in various ways according to the task at hand. Each part would hold sensors that monitor the state of the user's bodies and of their surroundings. 

Early prototypes allowed us to better understand the unisex fit and helped figure out where on the body it would be most comfortable to place the electronic sensors

By developing working prototypes we were able to iterate quickly and improve our design while also refining our construction skills  

The final design is a Unisex & Modular Smart Garment that consists of three parts that can fasten together with a conductive quick release buckle or function as separate power sources. The garment can hold a total of 14 sensors.  

The quick release buckle features a mini usb replacing the middle tine that plugs into a female mini usb outlet on the opposite buckle

The sensors hook up to the internal power source and hold on to the garment through four conductive magnets that snap to metal beads

Through user testing we were able to measure comfort, fastening efficiency and modularity 

After completion we presented our design at 

NASA's 2014 Wearable Symposium